October 1, 2017
@taigafest #taigafest
In the Art Park "Shtykov Ponds" everything is done with love for both people and nature. The Taiga Festival became the park's main event of autumn.
  • Bazaar of taiga goods (locally made foods, souvenirs, folk art);
Headlining participant:
  • Taiga workshops;
  • "Custodians of the Forest" Campaign;
  • Music performances;
  • Master Show: creating art objects in front of an audience;
  • Competitions with prizes (taiga costumes, photographs, pine cone toss, bonfire building);
  • "Golden Pine Cone" Quest;
  • Theater and circus performances by children's studios;
  • "Surviving in the Taiga" Mini-course;
  • "Bird Embassy" Zoo;
  • Lots of other activities from face painting to campfire songs.
* The holiday program can be modified and/or expanded up until the day of the event.
For details, inquire with the manager of the Art Park "Shtykovsky Ponds" at 8 (423) 292-71-11.
For questions about participating in the Taiga Fair, please contact:
Maria Krainova
Event manager of "Shtykov ponds"
+7 914 970-93-11