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September 11–26, 2020
September 11–26, 2020
The Taiga Festival has a special place among the other food festivals of far eastern cuisine. This is the only festival, where seafood is not the main ingredient.
Following the tradition during the festival our guests are offered the special taiga sets. Chefs of the participating restaurants create new dishes while carefully choosing the unique food combinations; drinks are added to every set to embrace the full aromas and flavors of taiga. You can expect a wide variety of set combinations to please every guest from vegetarian to meat lover. Taiga has something special for all!

Traditionally taiga set is 888 rub.

This year marks the third taiga festival. See how delicious it is:
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For questions about participation in the Taiga Festival, please contact:
Tatiana Zarechneva
Director of Strategic Development and Special Projects for Pacific Tourist Union, Manager of Pacific Russia Food Project