16.09 — 03.10 Restaurant Festival
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Taiga Festival 2020

Taigafest is coming to your city! The third annual Taiga festival is almost here!
The Ussuri taiga is just as complex as the personality of the locals: the mighty mix of the north and the south; where creepers grow alongside with pines; the nettle can be found near the special "Primorsky kiwi" actinidia; and moose and leopard share the same habitat.

The topic of the taiga hits close to every Far Eastern' heart. However the abundance of natural Ussuri taiga goods is still not fully discovered by tourists and could you imagine, even locals! The main purpose of the festival is to shine the light on the rich and unique Ussuriysk taiga.
Taiga festival
19 September — 3 October
pedestrian square of Admiral Fokin St.

Tea, wild plants, honey and beekeeping products from the best producers of the region.
A rich event program, a warm September sun and an atmosphere of a good family holiday.
A special zone of the fair will be the Honey Space, where popular science lectures, tastings, gastronomic master classes will be held. Visitors will find out how to distinguish high-quality honey from fake, why the hives are painted, why the bee does not remember who its beekeeper is and how to prepare the most delicious honey dessert.
The festival event planners have set some serious goals: to open you a world of flavors, aromas, colors and stories of the taiga and bring it's natural gifts to your table. The highlight of this gastronomic festival are special taiga sets created by the Far Eastern chefs. The Ussuri taiga treated our guests with delectable wild plants, fresh water fish, wildfowl, and, of course locally picked nuts and honey.

The festival organisers call our guests to make their diet richer by adding the local nature's gifts , but also to remember to be responsible and careful with its resources.
The taiga is so close, can you feel it? What a great reason to celebrate!

Eat, drink, learn something new and have fun! Create your own taiga story together with Taigafest!
For questions about participation in the Taiga Festival, please contact:
Tatiana Zarechneva
Director of Strategic Development and Special Projects for Pacific Tourist Union, Manager of Pacific Russia Food Project