September 29 – October 14, 2018
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During 16 days the participating restaurants are offering unique taiga sets for a magic price of 888 rubles. The gastronomy sets demonstrate the chefs' understanding of the taiga produce and their creative approach.

Try 'em all and share your experience with #taigafest!
The gastronomic Taigafest is held for the second time in 2018. Here are some dishes from the previous year:
Taigafest gastronomy is based on wild meat and fish, taiga berries and plants many of which are unique to the Ussuri region. If you want to understand the Pacific Russia Food in full as a combination of the ocean and taiga produce, Taigafest is here for you!
venues (vladivostok)
Venues in Khabarovsk coming soon...
For questions about participation in the Taiga Festival, please contact:
Tatiana Zarechneva
Director of Strategic Development and Special Projects for Pacific Tourist Union, Manager of Pacific Russia Food Project
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