September 24 – 30, 2017
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On September 24–30, restaurants in Vladivostok and Ussuriisk participating in the Taiga Festival offered special deals on dishes and drinks made from taiga products.
The gastronomic portion of Taiga Fest is a kind of a creative challenge for chefs: taiga gastronomy has not been in such vogue as seafood delicacies have at local dining establishments; Taiga Fest seeks to remedy that since Far Eastern cuisine is esteemed precisely because of its mix of seafood and taiga products. Gifts of the taiga – energy and antioxidants – combined with the rich protein and minerals in seafood comprise the far eastern diet Pacific Russia Food, one of the most salubrious in the world.
Program for development of Vladivostok and Primorye as tourist destinations.
The program is an initiative of Pacific Russia Tourism Alliance.
Guests at eating establishments were able to taste culinary creations from wild game meat (various local deer and wild boar) and fish
(a variety of fresh water and ocean species) as well as cold snacks, salads, hot and cold drinks from taiga berries, including alcoholic infusions and cocktails – and also to appraise the taste of fresh sauces from wild berries.
A portion of the gastronomic program was devoted to product manufacturers: of honey, wild herbs, ferns, teas and natural drinks from wild berries and plants. All of these were on display for guests at the taiga fair, which was held on October 1 as part of the closing ceremony of "Taiga Festival" at the art park "Shtykovsky Ponds".
For questions about participation in the Taiga Festival, please contact:
Tatiana Zarechneva
Director of Strategic Development and Special Projects for Pacific Tourist Union, Manager of Pacific Russia Food Project
+7 908 448-94-49